National forum on gonorrhoea AMR

In 2018 a national multi-disciplinary forum on gonorrhoea antimicrobial resistance was established to monitor Neisseria gonorrhoeae antimicrobial resistance in Ireland and internationally; and to advise on prevention, treatment and control of gonorrhoea in response to national and international evidence.

The members of the Irish Gonorrhoea antimicrobial resistance multi-disciplinary forum are as follows:

  • Dr Sarah Doyle (Consultant in Public Health Medicine, HSE South-East, Chair)
  • Dr Derval Igoe (Consultant in Public Health Medicine, HPSC)
  • Dr Robert Cunney (Consultant Microbiologist, HPSC)
  • Dr Fiona Lyons (Consultant in Genito-urinary Medicine and National Clinical Lead in Sexual Health, Sexual Health and Crisis Pregnancy Programme)
  • Dr Brendan Crowley (Medical Director of Interim National Gonococcal Reference Laboratory)
  • Dr Breida Boyle (Deputy Medical Director of Interim National Gonococcal Reference Laboratory)
  • Dr Marrita Mahon (Surveillance Scientist, HSE South-East, Secretary)
  • Dr Aoife Colgan (Surveillance Scientist, HPSC)
  • Dr Aine McNamara (Consultant in Public Health Medicine)
  • Dr Helen Tuite (Consultant in Infectious Diseases and General Internal Medicine)
  • Dr Margaret Fitzgerald (Consultant in Public Health Medicine)
  • Ms Lorraine McCrann (Specialist Medical Scientist)
  • Ms Clare Coleman (Health Advisor)
  • Dr Louise Pomeroy (Genito-urinary Medicine Physician)

Last updated: 4 September 2018