Weekly Reports

Infectious Disease Weekly Report

The Weekly Infectious Disease report and the Weekly HIV/STI report have been replaced by the National Notifiable Disease Hub. The hub contains epidemiological data previously reported in the reports and more. Explore the Hub at: https://notifiabledisease.hpsc.ie/

Latest measles figures are provided in the Measles in Ireland report below.

Annual infectious disease notification reports are available on the HPSC website.

Outbreak Weekly Report

HPSC publishes weekly reports on outbreaks of infectious diseases. Data in the Weekly Outbreak Reports should be regarded as provisional until a process of validation has been completed at the end of the notification year.

Further information on outbreaks is available at https://www.hpsc.ie/a-z/outbreaks/ 

Influenza Surveillance Reports

Influenza surveillance reports are published weekly except for during the summer period when a short summary report is published fortnightly. However, in the event of influenza activity increasing during the summer a full report will be published on a weekly basis.

Latest Influenza Surveillance Report

COVID-19 Data and Surveillance in Ireland