HSE publishes Striving to End Tuberculosis: A strategy for Ireland 2024 - 2030


Striving to End Tuberculosis – A Strategy for Ireland 2024 - 2030 outlines the priorities, objectives, actions and enablers needed to end TB in Ireland.

TB remains a significant public health issue both globally and in Ireland. Although there has been a significant decline in the burden of TB in Ireland in recent decades, there were still 224 cases notified in 2023, equating to an incidence rate of 4.4 per 100,000 population. As a low-incidence country (<10 cases per 100,000), Ireland should be aiming to achieve the WHO End TB Strategy target of an 80% reduction in TB cases between 2015 and 2030. The COVID-19 Pandemic has adversely impacted on TB control both globally and in Ireland and a concerted effort is required to get us back on target.

To progress the fight against TB the HSE has published Striving to end Tuberculosis: A strategy for Ireland 2024-2030.
By developing this strategy, the National TB Advisory Committee are urging health and care professionals to unite around this shared vision for the future.

This new National Strategy is a key step along the road to achieve our ambition of achieving the WHO End TB Strategic objectives by 2030- significantly reducing new cases of TB and eliminating the health and wider social costs TB can bring to individuals and wider society. We put addressing health inequalities at the heart of the Strategy recognising that with infectious diseases, No One is Safe Until Everyone is Safe.

Our approach will have to be agile, collaborative, innovative and people-centred to realise our strategic vision. Given TB is increasingly being seen among vulnerable and under-served populations in Ireland, we must remove any barriers to accessing TB care to reduce health inequities. This approach will ensure that people with TB have the best possible outcomes, protecting the wider population also.

Key priorities for the strategy
• To address the social determinants of TB
• To improve the prevention of TB.
• To improve the detection of people with TB
• To improve care for people with TB
• To strengthen the multidisciplinary TB workforce

To view or download a copy of Striving to End Tuberculosis – A Strategy for Ireland 2024 - 2030, go to HPSC.ie.