New HSE HPSC Data Hub to promote ‘citizen epidemiology’


Interactive access to the latest statistics for notifiable infectious diseases in Ireland is available on a new data hub.

The HSE’s Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC) new data hub, displays, for the first time, data for 79 notifiable infectious diseases in Ireland. It also makes it easy to explore the data over a five year period.

What is the new data hub?

  • It represents a change in the way HPSC delivers data to stakeholders and the public.
  • It will improve how data is displayed and also give users access to underlying aggregate data.
  • It includes features such as statistical measures to compare the current week's data with earlier data and has a filtering capacity to display data by disease group.
  • The new data dashboards display data on trends and key epidemiological features for notifiable infectious diseases reported in Ireland.

This new tool has been designed to benefit users by including new epidemiological information not previously available in HPSC’s weekly infectious disease reports and to promote citizen epidemiology. The Data Hub is a valuable resource for anyone working on or interested in the epidemiology of infectious diseases in Ireland. 

The data hub is yet another advancement in the way HPSC displays the data we collect. It will inform and guide health service prevention, preparedness and response to protect the Irish public from infectious diseases. For detailed information on how to navigate the data hub, download the User Guide

The national notifiable disease hub has come about through collaborative work between HPSC and People and Place Ltd. Other key stakeholders include laboratories and clinicians who notify infectious disease cases and Departments of Public Health who manage the surveillance system at regional level. The hub has been selected as a finalist for an ESRI Ireland Customer Success Award.

The data hub is available at