Production of HPSC daily and weekly reports disrupted due to cyber attack on HSE IT systems


As a result of the cyber attack on the HSE IT systems, production of HPSC's daily and weekly reports has been disrupted due to limited user access to CIDR across the HSE.

HPSC has continued to produce the weekly summary of COVID-19 virus variants in Ireland and on 4 June recommenced publication of an interim 14-day report on the epidemiology of COVID-19 in Ireland. Due to technical issues, a 14-day report was not produced on 21/06/2021.

The reported epidemiology of COVID-19, including the daily number of COVID-19 cases and the 14-day incidence reports, is normally based on the notifications to the Computerised Infectious Disease Reporting (CIDR) system. The cyber-attack on the HSE on 14 May 2021 has prevented the routine notification of cases, associated deaths and outbreaks of COVID-19 to CIDR. As an interim measure, provisional epidemiological reports will be prepared based on the information captured by the HSE COVID Care Tracker. Please note that these data do not represent notified cases, and have not undergone the data validation procedures undertaken through CIDR. For this reason, data in the reports may differ from that previously reported based on CIDR data for this period. Similarly, future data reported for this period may differ from that presented in these reports. As soon as all COVID-19 surveillance systems are restored, surveillance staff in laboratories, the Departments of Public Health and HPSC will work together to retrospectively collate and validate COVID-19 cases, outbreaks and deaths diagnosed and/or notified during this period.