CIDR Training

Training in the CIDR application is delivered locally by CIDR trainers using the CIDR Test/Training environment. Local CIDR trainers are experienced CIDR users, usually a surveillance scientist. There are different courses for laboratory and public health users. The CIDR test/training environment is a copy of the CIDR system containing dummy data. This environment is configured by the CIDR technical support team and made available to local CIDR trainers on specified dates.

There are three prerequisites that apply to all CIDR training:

  • All trainees must have received training in relation to Data Protection (delivered locally as part of your own organisation's information governance programme);
  • Trainees must be familiar with MS Internet Explorer;
  • Trainees must be familiar with MS Office, in particular Word and Outlook

Those attending advanced training for public health users must have completed the introductory course.

Last updated: 23 October 2018