Echinococcosis (Echinococcus species)

Clinical criteria
Not relevant for surveillance purposes

Diagnostic criteria
At least one of the following five:
- Histopathology or parasitology compatible with Echinococcus multilocularis or granulosus (e.g. direct visualisation of the protoscolex in cyst fluid)
- Detection of Echinoccocus granulosus pathognomonic macroscopic morphology of cyst(s) in surgical specimens
- Typical organ lesions detected by imaging techniques (e.g.: computerised tomography, sonography, MRI) AND confirmed by a serological test
- Echinococcus spp. specific serum antibodies by high-sensitivity serological test
AND confirmed by a high specificity serological test
- Detection of Echinococcus multilocularis or granulosus nucleic acid in a clinical specimen

Epidemiological criteria

Case classification
A. Possible case
B. Probable case
C. Confirmed case
Any person meeting the diagnostic criteria

Current as of: 7 March 2019