Yellow fever (Yellow fever virus)

Clinical criteria
Any person with fever
At least one of the following two:
- Jaundice
- Generalised haemorrhage

Laboratory criteria
At least one of the following five:
- Isolation of yellow fever virus from a clinical specimen
- Detection of yellow fever virus nucleic acid
- Detection of yellow fever antigen
- Yellow fever specific antibody response
- Demonstration of typical lesions in post mortem liver histopathology
Laboratory results need to be interpreted according to flavivirus vaccination status

Epidemiological criteria
Travel in the last one week to a region where yellow fever cases are known or believed to have occurred

Case classification
A. Possible case
B. Probable case
Any person meeting the clinical criteria and with an epidemiological link
C. Confirmed case
Any person not recently vaccinated meeting the clinical and the laboratory criteria. In case of recent vaccination, a person with detection of wild-type yellow fever virus strain.

Current as of: 24 January 2019