GP Primary Care Setting COVID-19 video resources

How to put on and take off Personal Protective Equipment (12/03/2021)

Decontaminating the GP clinic room (11/03/2021)

How to safely put on, fit check and take off a FFP2 mask (03/02/2021)

Self isolation guidance for people in residential care facilities who have been discharged from hospital (04/11/2020)

Collection of a Deep Nasal / Mid turbinate Swab for testing for COVID-19 (19/10/2020)

How to take a nasopharyngeal swab to test for COVID-19 (17/7/2020)

How to safely put on and take off a medical mask with loops for Healthcare workers (14/04/2020)

How to put on and take off PPE full coveralls, face shields and masks for healthcare workers (new PPE) 15/04/2020

COVID-19 Information for GPs - Dr Nuala O'Connor in conversation with Professor Martin Cormican (17/03/2020)

Suspected COVID-19 patient comes to the GP front door (04/03/2020)


GP Primary Care Settings scenarios for COVID-19