Residential Care Facilities

COVID-19 Guidance on Visitations to Residential Care Facilities is currently being reviewed.

NPHET has recommended that for the next three weeks, in order to reduce resident contacts, Long-term Residential Care facilities (LTRCs) in Dublin should reduce the number of visitors to one nominated visitor per resident. The measures are in place for three weeks from Sunday 13 September. The situation will be kept under review.

The period of self-isolation for a case of COVID-19 has changed to 10 days from onset of symptoms (or 10 days from date of test if asymptomatic), the last 5 of which should be without fever. The period for restricting movements for those who are close contacts of a case, or who have travelled to Ireland from a country not on the green list has not changed, and remains at 14 days. Guidance will be updated in the coming days to reflect this change.

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