Guidance for Educational Settings

As of 10/02/2021, all close contacts will be tested at Day 0 and Day 10 after their last exposure to a case. They may end their period of restricted movements on receipt of a 'not detected' (negative) test result from a test conducted on Day 10 since last exposure, as long as they have no symptoms. Guidance will be updated to include this change in the coming days.

All HPSC guidance should be read and interpreted in conjunction with the Government's Framework of Restrictions

Educational Settings cases and close contacts definitions

A national definition of cases and contacts within the educational setting has been agreed. This definition takes into consideration the findings of the Public Health Risk Assessment (PHRA), which is undertaken in all educational facilities where a confirmed case has attended whilst infectious. The PHRA assesses many different aspects of disease transmission as laid out in the Schools Pathway document.

Parental guide to close contacts


Assessment and testing pathways

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