“Mpox” is the new recommended term for monkeypox


After a series of consultations with global experts, the World Health Organization (WHO) on 28/11/22, recommended that the term “Mpox” is used instead of “Monkeypox”. This move is intended to reduce stigma and other issues associated with prior terminology.

WHO also recommended that both names are used simultaneously for a year while “monkeypox” is phased out. This is to mitigate concerns about changing the name in the midst of a global outbreak and allow time for the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) to be updated.

When choosing the term “Mpox”, the WHO considered the following factors:

  • Rationale and current usage
  • Scientific appropriateness
  • Pronounceability and usability in different languages
  • Ease of retrieval of historical scientific information

 HPSC has been liaising with our partners and stakeholders and has begun the process of updating relevant webpages, documents and reports with the new term. The changeover to the updated term – Mpox – will take place over the coming months. In line with other national and international agencies, HPSC will refer to both Mpox and Monkeypox on its main webpages for the time being.  Historical documents (e.g. guidance and reports) will not be updated.

Read the WHO statement in full here.