European Immunisation Week 2022, 24–30 April 2022


Every year European Immunisation Week brings together partners and collaborators across the WHO European Region to focus on the importance of vaccines to protect people of all ages and backgrounds against vaccine-preventable diseases, and to remember the seismic historical impact of vaccines.

The 2022 theme for European Immunization Week is “Long Life for All”. It aims to reinforce the importance of equitable and expanded access to vaccines, to contribute to a long and healthy life for everyone.

For over 2 centuries, vaccines have helped make the world safer – from the very first vaccine developed to protect against smallpox to the newest mRNA vaccines used to prevent severe cases of COVID-19. Vaccines protect us as individuals and help us protect each other as members of the global community. 

A Long Life for All is not a promise, it's an ambition. Because everyone deserves a chance at a fulfilling life

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