New HPSC COVID-19 Data Hub to provide case, deaths and outbreak data


The HSE Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC) has launched a new COVID-19 Data Hub which provides the latest figures in relation to COVID-19 cases, deaths and outbreaks in Ireland.

The new data dashboards will provide COVID-19 data in a dynamic and timely manner.  As we move into the next phase of the pandemic, people really want to continue to see detailed information about COVID-19, how it is affecting their communities, and those around the country as a whole. The new HPSC Epidemiology of COVID-19 Data Hub will be useful for a wide audience currently accessing HPSC COVID-19 data and offers regularly updated data at county and national level.

The HPSC Epidemiology of COVID-19 Data Hub, which will feature data published Monday to Friday, has come about through collaborative work between HPSC and seconded staff from University College Cork. Other key stakeholders include laboratories and clinicians who notify COVID-19 cases and Departments of Public Health who manage the COVID-19 surveillance system at regional level.

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Further information

How often is the data on the HPSC Epidemiology of COVID-19 Data Hub updated?

  • the confirmed and total deaths and cases of COVID-19 are updated daily (Mon-Fri) at approximately 16:00hrs
  • Outbreak data will be updated weekly (Tuesdays) at approx. 16:00hrs

Can I download the data on the Data Hub?
Yes, aggregate data from the HPSC Epidemiology of COVID-19 Data Hub is available to download. The publicly accessible file is available to download as a CSV or in ArcGIS Online and associated applications.

What are data on the HPSC COVID-19 Data Hub based on?
Data are based on statutory notifications of COVID-19 and are extracted from the Computerised Infectious Disease Reporting (CIDR) system.

Data are provisional and subject to ongoing review, validation and update on the CIDR system, which can include removing duplicate cases or reclassifying cases to a classification other than confirmed.

Each day there may be updates to previously reported figures. This means that previously published daily counts will not necessarily sum to the latest cumulative figure. It also means that today’s cumulative count may not match the sum of the previous day’s cumulative count and today’s daily count.
Rates are calculated using Census 2016 population statistics.

What impact has the Omicron surge had on the HPSC COVID-19 Data Hub?
Between December 22nd 2021 and February 14th 2022 the daily COVID-19 case number reported publicly is an estimate based on positive SARS-CoV-2 PCR test results uploaded to the HSE COVID Care Tracker (HSE CCT) the preceding day. Therefore, daily COVID-19 case numbers reported here for this time period (extracted from CIDR) will differ from those publicly reported at the time.

Data for late December 2021, and January 2022, do not accurately reflect trends. Due to a surge in case numbers, the turnaround time for processing notifications increased. Notifications between 19/12/2021 and 15/01/2022 (week 51, 2021 to week 2, 2022) are reduced, while notifications between 16/01/2022 and 29/01/2022 (weeks 3 and 4, 2022) are inflated compared to cases diagnosed during these weeks.

For further detailed explanations how the Omicron surge has affected other aspects of the data refer to the relevant “Notes on the data” sections in the HPSC Epidemiology of COVID-19 Data Hub.

Why does the cumulative number of cases of COVID-19 reported on the HPSC COVID-19 Data Hub differ from what was previously reported?
The cumulative number of cases of COVID-19 reported on the HPSC COVID-19 Data Hub today will be less than that reported in recent days on GeoHive. Since December 22nd 2021 the cumulative total reported on GeoHive has been a combination of data notified to CIDR up to December 21st 2021 and PCR positive test results (with a 5% adjustment for duplicate specimens) uploaded to the COVID Care Tracker (CCT) up to February 14th 2022. Due to a time delay in processing COVID-19 cases on CIDR during this period, a backlog of cases had built up on CIDR, this backlog has now been cleared. Reporting of daily COVID-19 case numbers from CIDR resumed on February 15th 2022. The cumulative total of COVID-19 cases on the HPSC COVID-19 Data Hub will be based only on data from CIDR. The decrease in cumulative numbers on the HPSC COVID-19 Data Hub (CIDR data) is due to a combination of factors – data validation on CIDR (i.e. compared to CCT, CIDR data reports on cases rather than positive specimens (i.e. individuals with more than one positive specimen within last three months is counted only once), different laboratory upload schedules between CIDR and CCT and processing requirements of CIDR which mean that CIDR data may not include all cases uploaded to CCT the previous day.

How does the HPSC Epidemiology of COVID-19 Data Hub differ from the Ireland’s COVID-19 Data Hub hosted by
The HPSC Epidemiology of COVID-19 Data Hub reports epidemiological data on cases and outbreaks reported on CIDR. The COVID-19 Data Hub includes additional information from other HSE sources including vaccination data, testing data, and current hospitalisation and ICU admission data. The COVID-19 Data Hub is available here: 

What technology is used to build and maintain the HPSC COVID-19 Data Hub?
The technology platform used is ESRI’s ArcGIS Hub. ArcGIS Hub is a community engagement platform that organises people, data and tools through information-driven initiatives.