HPSC Staff


Dr Gregory Martin, National Clinical Lead for Health Protection Surveillance

Greg Martin headshot

Supported by HPSC Multidisciplinary Teams including Epidemiology, Nursing, Programme Management, Administration, Communications, HR and Finance Partners

To contact a member of staff, email info@hpsc.ie

Director's Office

Ms Jackie Fitzgerald, Business Operations Manager

Principal Epidemiologists

Dr Michael Carton, Principal Epidemiologist

Ms Louise Cullen, Principal Epidemiologist

Dr Lisa Domegan, Principal Epidemiologist

Dr Phil Downes, Principal Epidemiologist

Dr Patricia Garvey, Principal Epidemiologist

Specialists in Public Health Medicine

Dr Joan O'Donnell, Specialist in Public Health Medicine

Dr Eve Robinson, Specialist in Public Health Medicine

Consultant Microbiologist

Dr Susanna Frost, Consultant Microbiologist

Surveillance Information Systems Unit

Ms Jennifer Doyle, General Manager - Surveillance Information Systems

Information Architecture and Governance

Mr Steve Shawyer, Information Security Manager

Mr Scott Griffin, IT Manager

Business Unit

Ms Aoibheann O'Malley, Operations Officer




Ms Kirsty MacKenzie, Communications Manager


Last updated: 19 April 2024