Haemophilus influenzae disease (invasive) (Haemophilus influenzae (blood, CSF or other normally sterile site))

Clinical criteria
Any person with clinical picture compatible with invasive disease, i.e. bacteraemia, meningitis, arthritis, epiglottitis, osteomyelitis or cellulitis

Laboratory criteria
At least one of the following two:
- Isolation of Haemophilus influenzae from a normally sterile site
- Detection of Haemophilus influenzae nucleic acid from a normally sterile site
Typing of the isolates should be performed

Epidemiological criteria

Case classification
A. Possible case
A case with clinical epiglottis without any laboratory confirmation or with identification only from a non-sterile site
B. Probable case
C. Confirmed case
Any person meeting the laboratory criteria

Current as of: 24 January 2019