Research and Guideline Development Unit (RGDU)


A national health protection function – led by the Director for National Health Protection will promote an integrated, all hazards health protection service, with regional and national responsibilities for the provision of that service, embedded in a unified Public Health Service for Ireland. This integrated health protection service is mandated by the Medical Officer of Health (MOH) legislation. It will be integrated with services regionally and will be delivered by Specialist/Consultant-led multidisciplinary teams. Health protection includes the following domains of practice: Infectious Diseases, Environment, and Health and Emergency Preparedness and Response. 

Background Information

As part of the national health protection function, the HSE established a new Knowledge, Intelligence and Quality Assurance Division for Health Protection guidance/guidelines, evidence synthesis and knowledge management. The Research and Guideline Development Unit (RGDU) was established within this new division in June 2021 to build the strategic direction of Health Protection guidance/guideline production and future sustainability of this function. The RGDU is committed to making guidance and guidelines available that incorporates current evidence informed guideline methodologies and reflects the values and priorities of the Health Service Executive (HSE) and of Government. This will be achieved through collaborative partnership, shared resources and expertise. The development and implementation of evidence informed health protection guidance and guidelines will enhance health outcomes for patients/public, diminish variation in practice and support and improve the quality of clinical decisions.


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