Bacterial & Viral Meningitis/Encephalitis Sub-Committee

Terms of Reference

1. To review the guidance on the prevention and control of bacterial and viral meningitis/encephalitis in Ireland including:

  • Pre-admission management to reduce mortality rate
  • Investigation of suspected cases
  • Case definitions
  • Public health action after a single case
  • Management of clusters

2. To review the epidemiology of bacterial and viral meningitis/encephalitis and to provide advice as required to the RCPI immunisation committee on the use of vaccines to prevent cases of meningitis/encephalitis.

3. To act as a source of expert advice on meningitis/encephalitis when required to make interim arrangements

4. To co-ordinate with the Vectorborne subcommittee to ensure consistency of guidance especially in relation to arboviral disease*. 

*In order to undertake this work, liaison will be required with the newly established vector-borne subcommittee, to consider the terms of references of the vector borne CNS infection, and to establish best methods of communication in relation to common areas of interest.

Guidelines for the Early Clinical and Public Health Management of Bacterial Meningitis (including Meningococcal Disease) [Published 2012]


Dr Darina O'Flanagan (Chair)
Director, Health Protection Surveillance Centre

Dr Karina Butler
Consultant in Paediatric Infectious Diseases, Our Lady's Children's Hospital, Crumlin, Dublin
Professor Mary Cafferkey
Consultant Microbiologist, Temple Street Children's University Hospital, Dublin

Dr Jeff Connell
Assistant Director, National Virus Reference Laboratory

Dr Suzanne Cotter
Specialist in Public Health Medicine, Health Protection Surveillance Centre

Dr Emer O'Connell
Specialist in Public Health Medicine, HSE Midland Area

Dr Fiona Ryan
RCPI Faculty of Public Health Medicine

Last updated: 31 July 2013