International Infection Prevention Week (October 17 - 23)


This week is International Infection Prevention Week (October 17 - 23).

This event takes place around the world to show how we can protect our health by reducing infection. Everyone needs to know the best ways to prevent infections, including COVID-19.

This year the theme is Make Your Intention Infection Prevention. Professor Martin Cormican, HSE National Lead for Antibiotic Resistance says, "We can all take steps to reduce infection."

As health care staff we need to:

  • Be aware of how infection prevention and control can protect our patients and families
  • Be up to date with vaccines, including the annual flu vaccine which protects patients and staff from the flu.
  • Clean our hands well to reduce the risk of infection spreading.

The HSE Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Control (AMRIC) team has developed an online education course for staff. You can keep up to date with the keys aspects of infection prevention and control here

For more information about good hand hygiene click here

To access COVID-19 guidance for staff click here