COVID-19: Cases in Ireland reports, infographic and COVID-19 data hub


The COVID-19 14-day epidemiology report published daily is available at

An infographic on COVID-19 cases in Ireland is also available on the HPSC website and is published Tuesday to Saturday. Available to view here.

The following COVID-19 reports are published weekly on the HPSC website:

HSE is publishing weekly reports on COVID-19 schools mass testing.

The COVID-19 Data Hub provides up to date information on key indicators of COVID-19 in the community as well as local electoral area mapped data and COVID-19 vaccination data.

Frequently asked questions on COVID-19 are available on the HPSC website

New and updated guidance on COVID-19 is available on the HPSC website

Find the COVID-19 content you are looking for using the COVID-19 A-Z guide