CIDR Committees

The CIDR National Steering Committee is made up of nominated representatives from the Health Service Executive and a representative from the Food Safety Promotion Board (Safefood). The committee advises on and oversees the implementation, new developments, governance and management of CIDR across the country in conjunction with the CIDR team.

The CIDR National Business Rules Committee, facilitates the development and implementation of agreed business rules for CIDR. The committee is reconvened when required to facilitate the amendment of the CIDR Business Rules ensuring that the CIDR Business Rules remain relevant and are an accurate reflection of the day-to-day use of CIDR. The updated CIDR Business Rules are approved by the CIDR National Steering Committee and issued to all CIDR users for formal acceptance in November, 2014.

The National CIDR User Group, made up of representatives from each site where CIDR is implemented (both public health and laboratory), meets each quarter, usually by teleconference, to discuss the ongoing use of CIDR and associated developments.

Last updated: 23 October 2018