Information on COVID-19 National Contact Tracing System (CMP) for GP Primary Care

The HSE has established an expanded national contact tracing system (CMP). This allows contact tracing to work at scale and supports the already superb work being done by public health departments.


  • The role of the GP - is to manage the person who is symptomatic
    It is essential that a mobile phone contact for the patient is included in every COVID-19 test request. Without the mobile phone number we are not able to contact cases.
  • The role of Public Health is to identify and interrupt chains of infection
  • The role of the laboratories is to provide the test results to the test requester as usual

In summary

  1. How the contact tracing CMP can help you (GP).
    •        CMP will advise patients quickly of their test results, whether positive or negative. This ensures that appropriate advice re self-isolation is given as soon as possible.  
  2. How the CMP can help patient and families.
    •         Identify contacts as soon as possible. This helps prevent infections.  
    •         Your patients should be reassured that HSE are contacting them only to help keep our families safe.
  3. What’s not different:
    •         You remain the patient's primary care clinician and point of contact.
    •         The CMP callers direct patients back to you if they have any clinical care requirements.  
    •         You receive results of any COVID-19 tests ordered by you for your patients
  4. What is different:  
    •      On occasions it may happen that the CMP programme contacts one of your patients with their test result before you have done so (by text for negative result / by phone call for positive result). This is to ensure that at risk contacts are contacted as fast as possible in order to slow down the transmission of COVID-19. 

Last updated: 20 March 2020

GP COVID-19 test result query form

Form for GP regarding delayed COVID-19 test results (patient waiting over 4 days for result)

Please email completed form to Please do not pdf or scan the form.

The form is and result is password protected. Password has been distributed to GPs. Please email or check your ICGP notification on the 14th of May.