Hepatitis C Database - Steering Committee

A Steering Committee was established to oversee the general running of the Hepatitis C Database. The current membership of the steering committee is listed below: 

Ms Michele Tait, HSE Hepatitis C National Coordinator (Chair)
Dr Barbara Coughlan, University College Dublin
Ms Susan Gaughran, Transfusion Positive
Ms Debbie Greene, Irish Haemophilia Society 
Ms Maura Long, Transfusion Positive
Ms Carol McNulty, St Vincent's University Hospital
Mr Mark Murphy, Irish Kidney Association
Ms Niamh Murphy, Health Protection Surveillance Centre
Professor Suzanne Norris, St James's Hospital
Mr Anthony O’Reilly, Blood Policy Unit, Department of Health
Dr Lelia Thornton, Health Protection Surveillance Centre 

Last updated: 13 August 2018