Heat related hazards

Met Éireann have advised that temperatures may reach a threshold whereby they pose a risk to the health of the population. The National Health Protection Service of Ireland are therefore issuing advice on how to stay safe in the heat, and are working closely with the health and care sector to provide advice for those caring for vulnerable individuals.

It’s best to try and stay cool during very warm weather, and to avoid getting too hot in the first place. It’s perfectly possible to enjoy the nice weather and stay safe at the same time by following some of the simple safety measures detailed below. The HSE website provides Heatwave Health Advice and information on heat exhaustion and heatstroke. Remember to think about those who may be more at risk from, or particularly vulnerable to, the effects of heat.

Learn how to keep cool and safe at home by following the guidance below.

  1. Stay out of the heat and in the shade, especially between 11am and 3pm
  2. Wear loose-fitting light clothing
  3. Stay hydrated – always keep cool water or sports drink with you
  4. Avoid excess alcohol and caffeine – these can dehydrate you
  5. Keep the house cool – pull the curtains to keep the sun out
  6. Mind others – those over the age of 65 and young children are extra-vulnerable in the heat
  7. If you have a long-term illness or are on medication contact your GP for advice
  8. If you or others feel unwell: look out for danger symptoms and seek immediate medical help if concerned