World TB Day


In the year 2000 the TB (tuberculosis) incidence rate recorded in Ireland was at its lowest ever level. 396 cases of TB were recorded giving an incidence rate of 10.9/100,000 population. Although this rate does fluctuate from year to year, overall trends suggest that the disease continues to decline in Ireland.

Dr Darina O'Flanagan, Director of the National Disease Surveillance Centre said: "Although TB rates in Ireland are at a low level, TB remains a huge problem worldwide. It is very important to remain vigilant in Ireland and to continue our screening and treatment programmes to ensure that our rates remain low."

Worldwide, TB kills two million people every year. Someone in the world is newly infected with TB every second. It is estimated that between the years 2000 and 2020 nearly one billion people will be newly infected with TB, 200 million people will get sick and 35 million people will die if TB control worldwide is not strengthened.