European Immunization Week: 23rd-29th April 2018


European Immunization Week 2018: vaccination is an individual right and shared responsibility

The focus of the 2018 European Immunization Week will be on immunisation as an individual right and shared responsibility.

Vaccines provide individual protection from dangerous diseases. But they also help to protect the rest of the community. When all the people who can be vaccinated in a community are vaccinated, not enough people who could catch the disease are left to pass on a contagious disease. The more people that are vaccinated the more the community can protect those who are most vulnerable, including babies and those with weakened immunity eg receiving chemotherapy. Every person deserves to be immunised and protected from vaccine preventable disease. Every person shares the social responsibility to protect those who cannot protect themselves. 

This year the HSE services involved in immunisation will be linking in with a wide variety of people and groups (general public and health related) who are interested in preventing diseases through immunisation. 

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