Norovirus spreading in the community


Overall, current levels of norovirus activity in the community are high.

These increased levels can be expected to persist until the end of February 2017, resulting in an increased risk of introduction of norovirus into hospitals and long term care facilities. 

Healthcare staff
It is important that healthcare staff, who become unwell with suspected noroviral illness exclude themselves from work (and for 48 hours following resolution of symptoms), to minimise the likelihood of norovirus introduction into the workplace.

Advice for the general public
Members of the general public are advised to avoid attending/visiting hospitals or nursing homes if unwell with vomiting and diarrhoea. 

Instead, ill members of the general public are advised to telephone their GP (rather than attend the surgery), to avoid spreading the infection in the surgery. Alternatively, ill people can seek advice from their local pharmacist. Further information on norovirus for the general public is available on the HPSC website.