Measles outbreak in London - April 2016


On the 26th April,2016, Public Health England (PHE) reported a measles outbreak in London. Over 60 cases of measles were reported in the last two months in a period when there would usually be fewer than 10. The majority (48) of these cases occurred in those aged 15 years or over. Public Health England is calling on parents and young adults to consider the MMR vaccine.

For Irish residents: Make sure that you/your children are protected against measles and rubella when travelling outside of Ireland to other countries or regions/cities where measles outbreaks are reported.

Since 1988 MMR has been routinely recommended for all children in Ireland. This has resulted in protecting most Irish children against measles, mumps and rubella. Two doses of vaccine are normally recommended to prevent these diseases.

Children normally get MMR vaccine as follows

  • 1st dose at 12 months (from GP)
  • 2nd dose at 4-5 years of age (mainly from HSE school immunisation team or from GP in some areas).


  • All Irish children, adolescents, young adults should be up to date with their MMR vaccinations to prevent unnecessary disease.
  • Contact your GP if you/your child need MMR vaccination.


For more information go to:

HSE National Immunisation Office
PHE Measles outbreak in London press release 26/4/16