Liberia reports recent Ebola cases


The Ministry of Health in Liberia has reported that two cases (one fatal) of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) have been identified in the Nedowein Region of the country (close to the country’s Roberts International Airport, about 60 miles east of the capital Monrovia). It is not yet known if the fatal index case acquired his disease within Liberia or if he travelled to Guinea or Sierra Leone. On May 9th 2015 WHO declared Liberia to be Ebola-free.

As a result, should a person returning from the Nedowein region of Liberia, present to a medical practitioner with symptoms of fever, unexplained fatigue, diarrhoea or any other severe symptoms in the 21 days following their arrival from Liberia, they should be managed in accordance with the EVD risk assessment protocols available on HPSC’s website. However the likelihood of such individuals having EVD (unless they had direct contact with cases or contacts related to this latest event), will be low.

Information and protocols on the clinical assessment and management of suspected EVD cases can be found here on the HPSC website.