Infectious disease assessment for migrants - consultation document


The draft document "Infectious disease assessment for migrants" is now available for consultation.

The document has been prepared by the Migrant Health Screening sub-committee of the HPSC Scientific Advisory Committee. The purpose of the guidelines is to give appropriate guidance on the assessment of infectious diseases in migrants. The guidelines do not take into account or offer guidance on other aspects of health and social needs of the migrant population in Ireland. They are intended to be used opportunistically across a wide range of health services. The guidelines do not advise on how migrants might access health services, nor make recommendations on the type of services that should be made available to migrants. It is intended that the guidelines will be published as an on-line resource.

All comments and suggestions on any aspect of this document are very welcome. The comments will be reviewed by the guideline sub-committee and taken into consideration when preparing the final document. Please submit your comments by completing the response form and returning it by email to

The final date for submission of comments is 15th September 2014.