Increase in mumps notifications


There has been an increase in mumps notifications in Ireland since the beginning of 2014, with 191 cases reported this year in comparison to 104 cases for the same time period in 2013. In total 93 (49%) cases were classified as confirmed.

The age groups most affected were the 20-24 year age group (40 cases) and the 25-34 year age group (33 cases). Overall, more males (58%) than females were notified. For the majority of cases no specific complications were reported, however, 11 of the 191 (6%) cases were reported as hospitalised. Complications associated with mumps were meningitis (one case) and orchitis [inflammation of testes] (5 cases). The majority of cases occurred in the community and were sporadic, but 11 local outbreaks were reported and included universities, schools, private families and one community outbreak.

Vaccination status was reported for 62% of all cases, 57% of whom reported that they were never vaccinated or had received only one dose of MMR. Two doses have been recommended for all children since 1992.

The best prevention against mumps is two doses of MMR vaccine. MMR is free for all who require it. The first dose is normally given at 12 months of age and the second dose at school entry. Older individuals who have never received two doses of the vaccine and wish to decrease their risk should contact their GP for MMR vaccination.

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