C. difficile national guideline launched


The National Guideline on the Surveillance, Diagnosis and Management of C. difficile infection in Ireland was launched by the Chief Medical Officer, Dr Tony Holohan on 11th June 2014.

The purpose of this guideline is to enhance the safety and quality of patient/resident care by reducing HCAIs, specifically infection caused by C. difficile, through a series of recommendations that reflect best evidence and international practice. Comprehensive implementation of this guideline in all Irish healthcare settings as part of an integrated infection prevention and control and patient safety strategy will ensure that patients/residents with C. difficile infection are detected in a timely fashion, managed optimally and that cross infection to other patients/residents is minimised. The guideline is relevant to all healthcare staff involved in the care of patients/residents/clients that may be at risk of or have C. difficile infection in acute hospitals, long-term care facilities, other institutions and in primary care nationally.