Measles outbreak in NUI Galway- March 2014


Following the confirmation of two cases of measles among students in NUI Galway, the Department of Public Health HSE West has issued a warning to all students attending the university that they should ensure that they have received two doses of MMR vaccine to protect themselves, their contacts and the wider community.

Risks to students in other universities/colleges in Ireland
Due to the expected inter-action between NUIG students with other university/college students in the western region and across the country, the HSE would like to remind all third level university students in Ireland that they too should ensure that they are fully protected against measles and have received two doses of MMR vaccine. Most Irish students would have received two doses as part of the national immunisation programme either from their GP or the HSE services.

University students should establish with their families if they are fully vaccinated and protected. If they do not have any record of MMR vaccination they should contact their GP or student health service and obtain vaccination as soon as possible.

Measles is highly contagious and can cause serious complications for young children and adults. Vaccination is the only way to prevent outbreaks occurring.

Parents of all children should use this opportunity to ensure that their children are vaccinated with MMR. The first dose is usually given at 12 months of age and the second dose at 4-5 years of age.

Further information on measles can be found at