Rubella outbreak in Poland


Poland is experiencing a nationwide rubella epidemic. From January to April 2013, Poland reported 21,283 rubella cases (55.2 per 100,000 inhabitants), the highest number since 2007. Approximately 81% of cases reported in 2013 were among 15–29 year-old males.

Any individual who may be susceptible to rubella (whether Irish, Polish or other nationality) due to non-immunisation should speak with their GP regarding the need for MMR vaccination. Rubella infection during pregnancy is a serious disease for the developing baby. Non-immune pregnant women should avoid contact with anyone who has rubella.

Please see here for more information regarding situation in Poland:

ECDC Measles and Rubella Monitoring: Surveillance Report, May 2013

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Ongoing outbreak of rubella among young male adults in Poland: increased risk of congenital rubella infections