Meningitis in Sub-Saharan Africa- recommendations for vaccination


Travellers to the sub-Saharan meningitis belt may be exposed to outbreaks, most commonly of serogroup A and serogroup W135 disease, with comparatively very high incidence rates during the dry season (December to June). Long-term travellers living in close contact with the indigenous population may be at greater risk of infection.

The World Health Organization compiles information on meningitis incidence in the meningitis belt routinely. The most recent report is located here.

Quadrivalent ACW135Y vaccines are indicated for immunisation of individuals travelling to high risk areas where epidemics or hyperendemic disease with serogroup A, C or W135 infection occur, particularly those visitors who live or travel rough such as hitchhikers or trekkers.

If you are travelling to a country in the meningitis belt region you are advised to speak with your doctor or travel health clinic and obtain specific advice on how you can protect yourself.

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