Hand hygiene compliance rates are above target


The HSE has published a report on hand hygiene compliance which shows an overall compliance rate of 79.6%, above the target of 75% set by the HSE for 2011.

Welcoming the results, HSE Assistant National Director of Health Protection, Dr Kevin Kelleher, said that improving hand hygiene compliance is a priority for the HSE.

The HSE has set a target of achieving rates of compliance of more than 90% by 2013 and will continue to work with healthcare facilities to develop actions plans including education, training and re-audit programmes to reach this goal.

Acute hospitals in Ireland were required to undertake a hand hygiene compliance audit in October 2011. This is the second such study carried out by the HSE and the compliance rate of 79.6% is an improvement on the rate of 74.7% in the study taken last June. Biannual reports hand hygiene compliance will be published on an on-going basis.

Ireland is one of only a small number of countries worldwide to publish hospital level data, demonstrating how seriously the HSE takes the issue. The HSE measures hand hygiene compliance using a standardised procedure and has trained and validated auditors. Both initiatives are critical to ensure that results are comparable over time.

The full report is available at http://www.hpsc.ie/hpsc/A-Z/Gastroenteric/Handwashing/HandHygieneAudit/HandHygieneAuditResults/