ECDC warns of risk of travel-associated cholera in the Dominican Republic


The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) has warned of the risk of travel-associated cholera to tourists in the Dominican Republic. The cholera epidemic in the Dominican Republic has given rise to more than 5000 cases since it began in November 2010 and the disease has become extensively distributed endemic in the country.

As the Dominican Republic is a very popular destination for tourists, imported cases are expected in the European Union. However, with appropriate precautionary measures the risk of infection and further transmission upon return to Europe remains low. Travellers should seek information on how to prevent cholera contamination prior to visiting affected areas.

ECDC has produced a rapid risk assessment report on the risk to tourists to the Dominican Republic and will continue to closely monitoring the situation. A revised report will be produced in the event of a change in the epidemiological situation.

Information on cholera and travel health is available on the HPSC website.