Brazil reports significant upsurge in cases of Dengue


Brazil is reporting a significant upsurge in cases of Dengue. This mosquito borne disease is endemic in Brazil and outbreaks are frequently reported. Dengue produces a flu-like illness that can be unpleasant but mild. Occasionally, the disease can progress to Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever, a severe and often fatal form of the disease. 

Up until the end of March 2008, Brazilian health authorities have reported more than 4000 cases of dengue hemorrhagic fever, with 34 deaths. Brazil is seeing many thousand cases more of uncomplicated Dengue Fever this year as compared with last year.

The Brazilian states most affected include Amazonas, Rondonia, Sergipe, Bahia, Rio Grande do Norte, Para, and Rio de Janeiro. 

There is no vaccine available to protect against dengue. Travellers can reduce their risk of infection due to Dengue (and to other mosquito borne disease such as Yellow Fever and Malaria) by practising mosquito bite avoidance measures. Further information on Dengue Fever can be found here and ways to reduce the likelihood of being bitten by mosquitoes can be found here.