EPI-Insight Editorial Board

The EPI-Insight Editorial Board is a multi-disciplinary team, made up of HPSC staff and representatives nominated by clinical microbiologists, public health medicine, general practice and medical laboratory science. HPSC are grateful to the Board for their time and input into EPI-Insight.

EPI-Insight Editorial Board Members:

Mr Maurice Kelly, Editor, HPSC

Dr Colm Bergin, Infectious Disease Society of Ireland

Dr Colin Bradley, Irish College of General Practitioners

Dr Louise Kyne, Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (Paeds)

Dr Paul McKeown, HPSC

Dr Niamh O'Sullivan, Irish Society of Clinical Microbiologists

Mr Edwin O'Kelly, National Virus Reference Laboratory, UCD

Dr Lelia Thornton, Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (Public Health)

Kirsty MacKenzie, Editorial Executive, HPSC

Last updated: 13 February 2017