Migrant Health Screening Sub-Committee

Terms of Reference

  1. To review the current guidelines for “Communicable disease screening for asylum seekers” (Department of Health and Children, October 2004)
  2. To update and further develop these guidelines to include the health assessment, in relation to infectious diseases, of all entrants to the Irish healthcare system

Infectious Disease Assessment for Migrants - published 2015

Lelia Thornton, HSE Health Protection Surveillance Centre (Chair from May 2013)
Aidan O’Hora, HSE Health Protection Surveillance Centre (Chair to August 2012)
Lorraine Hickey, HSE Health Protection Surveillance Centre (to August 2012)
Agnes Bourke, RDO nominee HSE South (to August 2012)
PJ Boyle, Balseskin Reception Centre
Anne Brophy, Infection Prevention Society
Concepta de Brun, RDO nominee, HSE Dublin Mid Leinster (DML)
Martin Collum, HSE Area Manager Cavan/Monaghan (to August 2012)
Fiona Donnelly, Occupational Health Physician
Noel Dowling, Reception & Integration Agency
Sarah Doyle, Faculty of Public Health Medicine
Kate Egan, A DPHN, HSE (to August 2012)
Richard Ennis, Irish College of General Practitioners
Margaret Fitzgibbon, Academy of Medical Laboratory Scientists
Paula Gilvarry, Senior Medical Officer, HSE Sligo/Leitrim
Ronan Leahy, Faculty of Paediatrics, Royal College of Physicians of Ireland
Sam McConkey, Infectious Disease Society of Ireland
Sinead McGuinness, Reception & Integration Agency
Helena Murray, National Immunisation Office
Tonya Myles, CAIRDE
Diane Nurse, HSE Social Inclusion
Joanne O'Gorman, National Virus Reference Laboratory
Mary O’Riordan, HSE Health Protection Surveillance Centre (Medical Secretary May-September 2013)
Lois O’Connor, HSE East, Department of Public Health (Medical Secretary from December 2013)
Patrick O’Sullivan, HSE Intercultural Committee
Tony Quilty, RDO nominee, HSE West
Mary Sayers, Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service
Camille Staunton, RDO nominee, HSE Dublin North East (to August 2012)

Last updated: 8 September 2015