HPSC Staff

To contact a member of staff, email hpsc@hse.ie

Dr Kevin Kelleher, Acting Director

Dr Karen Burns, Consultant Microbiologist

Ms Katerina Chaintarli, EPIET Fellow

Ms Fiona Cloak, Surveillance Assistant

Dr Suzanne Cotter, Specialist in Public Health Medicine

Ms Gillian Cullen, Surveillance Scientist

Dr Lisa Domegan, Surveillance Scientist

Ms Siobhan Dowling, Surveillance Assistant

Dr Margaret Fitzgerald, Senior Surveillance Scientist

Ms Paula Flanagan, Infectious Disease Nurse Manager

Mr John Foy, IT Officer (CIDR)

Dr Patricia Garvey, Surveillance Scientist

Dr Sarah Gee, Surveillance Scientist

Mr Colm Grogan, Senior Surveillance Scientist

Mr Myles Houlden, Specialist in IT

Ms Meadhbh Hunt, Research Assistant

Dr Derval Igoe, Specialist in Public Health Medicine

Ms Jacqueline Irving, Receptionist

Ms Sarah Jackson, Surveillance Scientist

Mr Stephen Keily, IT Officer

Ms Anita Kelly, Research Assistant

Ms Melissa Leonard, Administrative Assistant

Ms Kirsty MacKenzie, PA to Director

Ms Margaret McIver, Surveillance Assistant

Dr Paul McKeown, Specialist in Public Health Medicine

Dr Jolita Mereckiene, Medical Officer

Dr Tara Mitchell, Surveillance Scientist

Ms Joanne Moran, Surveillance Scientist

Mr Stephen Murchan, Surveillance Scientist

Ms Helen Murphy, Infection Prevention and Control Nurse Manager

Ms Niamh Murphy, Surveillance Scientist

Mr Liam O'Connor, IT Officer (CIDR)

Dr Lois O'Connor, EPIET Fellow (MS Track)

Dr Joan O'Donnell, Specialist in Public Health Medicine

Dr Kate O’Donnell, Surveillance Scientist

Ms Breda O'Loughlin, Research Nurse

Mr Piaras O'Lorcain, Surveillance Scientist

Dr Mary O'Riordan, Specialist in Public Health Medicine

Ms Aoibheann O'Malley, Surveillance Assistant

Mr Ajay Oza, Surveillance Scientist

Mr Gerry Reid, Business Manager

Dr Eve Robinson, Specialist in Public Health Medicine

Mr Stephen Swift, IT Officer

Dr Lelia Thornton, Specialist in Public Health Medicine

Last updated: 20 April 2017