CIDR Committees

The CIDR National Steering Committee (formerly the National Implementation Board) is made up of nominated representatives from the Health Services Executive directorates; Population Health, National Hospitals Office, Information and Communication Technology; and a representative from the Food Safety Promotion Board (Safefood). The committee advises on and oversees the implementation, new developments, governance and management of CIDR across the country in conjunction with the Regional Implementation Committees and the CIDR project team.

However, during the design and development of the CIDR system there were a number of committees who supported this process.

The NDSC Board (prior to the establishment of HSE) was accountable for overseeing the CIDR project, particularly in relation to the allocation of resources.

The CIDR Project Board provided overall direction and management of the project.

The CIDR Development Committee, representing the key professional stakeholders involved, had a mainly strategic role and advised on the development of electronic surveillance.

The Pilot Implementation Evaluation Committee was made up of representatives of the key professional stakeholders involved in CIDR, as well as representatives from each HSE Area. This committee evaluated the pilot implementation of CIDR and recommended the strategy for national implementation to the CIDR Project Board.

Regional Implementation Committees (RICs) were established in each former Health Board to lead the implementation of CIDR locally. The usual members of RICs include Specialists in Public Health Medicine, Consultant Microbiologists, Surveillance Scientists, and Medical Scientists, as well as IT personnel.

During development and pilot implementation the National Business Rules Committee, made up of the chairpersons of regional business rules committees, facilitated the development and implementation of agreed business rules for CIDR. The committee was reconvened on 19th April 2007 to continue this work. The new committee had representatives from each discipline/group that uses CIDR, as well as each HSE area. This committee facilitated the amendment of the CIDR Business Rules ensuring that the CIDR Business Rules remained relevant and were an accurate reflection of the day-to-day use of CIDR following implementation.

Last updated: January 2012

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