Surveillance of Infectious Intestinal (IID), Zoonotic and Vectorborne Disease, and Outbreaks of Infectious Disease Quarterly Reports

Since July 2001, outbreaks have been reported to HPSC. Preliminary information is provided by a public health professional when the outbreak is first notified. Further information is provided by the lead investigator once more complete data are available. The data requested includes information on the source of reporting of the outbreak, the extent of the outbreak, mode of transmission, location, pathogen involved, laboratory investigation, morbidity and mortality data, suspect vehicle and factors contributing to the outbreak. The data provided is crucial in providing information on the reasons why the outbreak occurred, the factors that lead to the spread of disease and the lessons that can be learnt to prevent further such outbreaks.

Quarter 1, 2016 IID and Zoonotic Disease Report  

Quarter 2, 2016 IID and Zoonotic Disease Report  

Quarter 3, 2016 IID and Zoonotic Disease Report  

Quarter 4, 2016 IID and Zoonotic Disease Report  

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